I wasn't always a holistic hairstylist. For the first 11 years behind the chair my only priority was to create good hair while making a decent paycheck. Inevitably I began feeling unfulfilled, less passionate, and unaligned with both the brands I worked with and my career as a whole. In addition, my hands became incredibly sensitive to well known product lines and conventional hair color. Think itchy hives, rashes, and cracked dry skin… even from a simple styling cream. 
Although a bit frustrating at first, it led me to seek out the best naturally derived hair care products and color lines that the beauty industry had to offer. During this time, I also began taking note of the hairstylists who were doing things differently. Hairstylists who performed their craft with the whole in mind; keeping the health and wellbeing of their clients, themselves, and the environment at the forefront of their practice. Stylists who chose to be more responsible with their hair related waste, while paying close attention to how their hair care products were being sourced, created, tested, and packaged. Hairstylists who were more mindful, intentional, and conscious about their business practices. Hairstylists who identified as being holistic. 
I was intrigued.
After lots of introspection, research, and the sum of many small action steps, I finally began practicing my craft in a way that felt inspiring again. I now use clean hair care lines, low-toxic hair color, embrace sustainability practices within the salon, and continue to expand my own definition of what it means to do hair holistically. Not only have my hands completely cleared up, but my sense of fulfilment and authenticity behind the chair is at an all time high. By going holistic, I reinvented my career entirely, and it would be an honor to help you do the same : )