My mission is to help everyday hairstylists learn how to create a more holistic, profitable, and fulfilling business behind the chair.

Holistic Hair School™


A comprehensive online program that teaches the what, why, and how of holistic hairdressing.

Holistic Hair School™ is the only online education course of its kind that not only shows everyday hairstylists how to transition into a holistic practice, but how to create a more fulfilling, profitable, and less toxic business behind the chair.

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About Heather


Hey there! I'm Heather, a holistic hairstylist and the creator of Holistic Hairstylist Academy.

This online platform and education hub is essentially everything I wish someone would have shared with me at the beginning of my holistic journey.

Now, I’m able to share what I’ve learned in hopes of making your transition into holistic hairdressing much easier : )

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